Thursday, July 27, 2017

Theater Etiquette for Broadway Attendees

Antonio Junior, founder of Florida Conservation in Miami Springs, is an avid traveler in his free time. On several occasions, Antonio Junior of Miami has traveled to New York City to attend Broadway shows.

Many of the rules of audience behavior, including not talking during the show and turning off your cell phone, seem obvious to even the most inexperienced theater-goer. There are, however, many more factors you need to consider if you want to ensure that your fellow audience members and the performers enjoy a smooth performance.

A theater-goer's first act of etiquette is to check the start time of the show and plan to arrive 30 minutes early, or 45 minutes if you need to pick up your ticket. This allows you plenty of time to find an usher who can show you to your seat. If you arrive late, the usher has the extra work of waiting for a break in the action so that he or she can open the door and show you where to go.

Once the show starts, remember that talking is not the only way you might bother others around you. Texting may seem less disruptive, but the light from your screen is likely to distract those around you. And although cheering after every song and for every entrance may seem like showing enthusiasm, it actually disrupts the flow of the action. 

Remember to respect your neighbors' space and keep your arms, legs, and coat in your own space. The same goes for your germs. If you tend to cough, bring a tissue and a pre-unwrapped lozenge. Clearing one's throat makes some noise, but so does the rustling of a lozenge package or wrapper.

Finally, the fallibility of the human condition means that fellow theater-goers may fail to abide by the rules of theater etiquette. Restrain yourself from making disapproving noises or hisses of “Shhh,” as this creates even more noise than that which disturbed you. Remember that the audience paid to hear and see those onstage, not those in the audience.

Monday, February 29, 2016

What Skills Do Entrepreneurs Need for Success?

Based in Miami Springs, Florida, Antonio Junior has founded such Miami-area companies as Florida Conservation, Inc., and Diversified Management International, Inc. Complementing these endeavors, Antonio Junior dedicates himself to studying and developing his skills as an entrepreneur.

The success of start-ups often corresponds to the entrepreneurial skills of their founders. From management to money, there are a wide range of roles that entrepreneurs must excel at if they want to best serve their companies. Perhaps the most important skill is excellent communication, which is relevant within the workplace and beyond. A lack of communication between business leaders and their employees can cause a dip in overall productivity and morale. It is similarly important to maintain strong communication with customers, whether via phone calls or social media accounts.

Entrepreneurs must also have the ability to make quick and correct choices that allow their companies to adapt to ever-changing business environments. These decisions are most often based on entrepreneurs’ ability to listen to others, trust their own instincts, and analyze each individual situation.                            

Friday, February 19, 2016

What to Do When Visiting South Africa

For more than a decade, Antonio Junior has divided his time between responsibilities as chief executive officer of Diversified Management International, Inc., and his role as founder of Florida Conservation, Inc., located in Miami Springs, Florida. Outside of his professional duties in the greater Miami area, Antonio Junior enjoys traveling and has visited such destinations as South Africa.

When visiting South Africa, there are numerous opportunities to take part in excursions that offer both thrills and beautiful sights. Travelers should consider the following activities when planning a trip to South Africa:

Dive with sharks at Seal Island
Between the months of May and September, travelers can book a boating tour with the Seal Island Express and gain an up-close view of the local wildlife. While on the daylong excursion, they can watch the cape fur seal colony or participate in a cage dive to see great white sharks during feeding time.

Explore Cango Caves
As South Africa’s first tourist destination, Cango Caves offers a walking tour through its numerous cavernous rooms. If looking for a more exciting experience, visitors can opt for the adventure excursion, during which they travel the caves’ small passageways, which measure around 26 centimeters.

Scale Table Mountain
When visiting Cape Town, tourists will immediately notice the enormous Table Mountain dominating the skyline. After viewing it from the city, they can climb to the top to gain spectacular views of the landscape below. Many visitors choose to hike up the mountain, but they can also ride the cable car for a less strenuous route to the summit.